Friday, March 25, 2011


AndressFest is over for another year, and once again we’ve tasted the best that bad cinema has to offer.

Six men and one very tolerant woman met at my place to celebrate the wonder that is Ursula. As usual I had prepared some appropriate food and drinks. Some people claim to see the Virgin Mary's face in tortillas, but at AndressFest, we see Ursula Andress in the snacks.

But not her face.

As is always the case at AndressFest, I invented a new cocktail to celebrate the woman of the hour. I wanted to create something that reflected her attributes and appeal… but having exhausted all of my culinary boobie references on the snack food, I was forced to be more esoteric with the booze. To that end, may I introduce you to... the Spicy Ursula!

The Spicy Ursula

Combine 5mls of Becherovka* and 25mls of chili vodka in a glass. Top up with lemonade, then pour 5mls of grenadine into the centre of the drink, so that it sinks and forms a layer at the bottom. Garnish with a whole red chilli.

It’s Ursulicious! This may explain why I drank so many of them... although the movies of AndressFest ’11 could have something to do with that as well.

* wretched cinnamon-flavored Czech bitters, given to me as a Secret Santa present by someone who clearly wants me dead.


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