Monday, January 05, 2009


This is the creepiest Christmas video you will ever see.

On the plus side, it does offer us conclusive proof that children are shallow, selfish, venal creatures. It’s important to remember that at this glurge-ridden time of year.


Anonymous JanineV said...

As children are merely smaller versions of ourselves, it's no surprise they are shallow, selfish and venal creatures.

However, in some ways I wish I had the freedom or capacity to express such joy at being given an extravagant, undeserved and wholly unattainable free gift! There are some things that children just do better - the unbridled expression of pure joy when receiving longed-for or unexpected gifts is one of them. (I did only watch the first three kids though, perhaps I would feel snarkier if I had sat through all 50?)

1:45 PM  
Blogger Blandwagon said...

You'd definitely feel snarkier if you saw a few more, JanineV. Such as the little boy whose mood switched from elation to cold possessiveness within a heartbeat.

I guess I just found it disturbing that kids can get 10 times more hysterical about a machine than they ever would about another living creature, be it a puppy or grandma.

3:40 PM  
Blogger 2BarRiff said...

Kids have a built in sensitivity to what is cool: be it McDonalds, Barbie or Wii's (don't I know it). And the peer pressure in the under 7 set is just as fiece as in high school.

Children are also evil.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminded me of the fake joy you see when trendy girls see each other. the shrieks and hugs etc. Where were the tears of joy or the show of affection to the person who gave the gift - or did all the recipients think it was from Santa? I just wanted to punch them! Jaymez

10:42 PM  

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