Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My posts here have been a little on the negative side of late, and a couple of things have encouraged me to write a more positive entry.

Firstly I read An9ie's post about five things for which she is thankful, which reminded me that snark and sarcasm must be occasionally balanced with celebration and gratitude.

Then, of course, I pissed off a legion of mothers with offense detectors more sensitive than a radical feminist at a Promise Keepers conference. While I reject their self-appointed role as judges of what may or may not be said about a certain genetic disorder, I'm reminded that I can sometimes come across badly in this blog, because the times when I'm being happy and magnanimous rarely make for entertaining blog posts.

So, following An9ie's example, here are five things for which I'm thankful:

1. The bounty of edible things from my garden. My new nectarine trees produced fruit that was battered and wizened but deliciously sweet, and my apple tree has little proto-apples sprouting all over it, promising great things for the future. Over the weekend I made scrambled eggs with fresh basil, sage and oregano from the backyard, while The Flatmate was able to give our Mauritian neighbour some of the mint that grows pretty much everywhere.

2. My car. As I leave my house in the morning, or walk across the carpark at work in the evening, I actually find that I'm looking forward to getting in it and going for a spin. It makes even a humdrum commute fun. It's also having a positive effect on my driving: I'm no longer burbling about like a dozy pensioner, even when I'm in a borrowed Toyota Corolla.

3. The Flatmate's Scaly Mates. The house has been in chaos over the last couple of weeks but it's been fun having them around. When they leave the place will be cleaner but it'll also feel emptier.

4. The gin & tonic deck. Speaking of The Flatmate and his Scaly Mates, it's become our habit of an evening to unwind and regroup on the new deck at the front of the house, now christened the Gin & Tonic Deck for reasons which should be obvious - I figure that if you can have a croquet lawn, you can have a gin & tonic deck. As you might imagine we sit out there and drink, discuss our plans, and enjoy the evening, watching the glimpses of the twilight sky between the wisteria leaves and the pairs of TFSM1's underpants that he hung out to dry on the trellis wires.

5. The 1971 Wade Marcus version of 'Spinning Wheel'. All funky bass and jazz flute. Yeah, baby!

See... wasn't that boring? Normal psychopathic ranting will resume tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy shmappy. I miss evil Blandwagon! Jaymez

7:08 PM  
Blogger an9ie said...

It's true, the Dark Side is much more fun.

11:19 AM  

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