Monday, September 24, 2007


My inability to drive has limited my social life, but fortunately one of the city's foremost multiplexes is a 25 minute walk from my house, so I could meet up with some friends on Saturday night to see 'Stardust'. In the manner of bloggers everywhere, I decided to review the evening.

Review of 'Stardust'

I liked it very much. It was beautifully cast (with the exception of Robert DeNiro, who is too iconic for his role) and filmed with the sort of affection and attention to aesthetic detail that's missing in a lot of films. It also had a clever, well-paced plot weaving the classic fairytale tropes into an entertaining new story, which isn't surprising when you consider that it was written and co-produced by Neil Gaiman. Comparisons to 'The Princess Bride' are fair but misleading; it has a similar sense of quality without the now dated smirky postmodernism. Go see it.

Review of the stranger sitting next to me

Dude, who goes to the cinema staggering drunk and reeking of rum and coke?

Review of the woman sitting next to the stranger sitting next to me

Dudette, who looks at a man who goes to the cinema staggering drunk and reeking of rum and coke and thinks, "Yep, that's a man I want to date"?

Review of friend of a friend sitting two seats away from me

When King Solomon wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes "Laughter is foolish", I'm pretty sure he was looking through his crystal ball 3000 years into the future, and seeing you shreiking like a hysterical seagull at the trailer for 'Fred Claus'.

Review of the trailer for 'Daddy Day Camp'

I would rather break my other arm than see this movie.


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