Monday, March 12, 2007


The invitations have gone out. The booze has been purchased. The movies have been sourced from the finest video libraries and DVD clearance bins. AndressFest '07 is go!

I'm very excited, as any right-minded person would be when anticipating an evening of performances by the star of 'The Secrets of a Sensuous Nurse' and 'Slave of the Cannibal God'. I have even created a unique cocktail, the Golden Ursula, especially for the occasion. And a delicious little minx it is too.

If you are going to be in Perth on Friday March 16, and you would like to join in the fun of AndressFest '07, email me at the address in my profile. As long as you aren't expecting anything you see to be, you know, good, then it should be a blast.


Blogger an9ie said...

Enjoy! I will be in Perth, but asleep/getting ready for an enormous drive to Karri Valley the next day. And I am sorry, blanders, but unless Ursula Andress is going to step out of the TV and do some bakin', I find I am able to resist her curvy wiles. Is it because I am female? Or just not drunk?

10:14 AM  

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