Thursday, March 01, 2007


Cor' blimey, guvner, it's...


AndressFest '07!

Yes, it's back! The annual Blandwagian festival of all thing Ursula, this year timed to coincide with Ursula's 71st birthday. She may look like a piece of beef jerky now, but back in the day she was the dream woman of every red-blooded man, the aloof and sophisticated ice maiden who could thaw into a white-hot sex kitten given just the right combination of manly charms. How can you doubt the allures of the only woman ever to be cast as a Bond girl in two separate 007 films?

AndressFest '07 is scheduled for Friday 16 March. More details soon, once we all calm down...


Blogger Eric said...

<Nitpick nerd glass ON>

Scoff! She might have been in the abomination that was the original "Casino Royale" as well as Dr. No, but you're CLEARLY unware that Maud Adams was in 3 Bond films! Octopussy (as the brilliant Octopussy herself), Man with the Golden Gun, and a bit role in View To A Kill.

So you can HAVE your Andresfest and eat it too, but keep in mind the sweet, fruity filling is made of LIES.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Blandwagon said...

And here I was thinking of inviting you.

I will accept that Maud Adams has equalled Ursula in the Bond Girl stakes, even though Maud was overshadowed by Britt Ekland in 'Man With The Golden Gun'. However bit parts in Bond movies, especially ones featuring Duran Duran singles, don't count as "being a Bond Girl".

I will bring this up at the next Nitpicking Nerd General Assembly, you see if I don't!

9:09 AM  

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