Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last night I went out to see 'The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D'.

The nu-skool plastic 3D glasses are a lot less annoying than the old-skool cardboard ones, although admittedly less evocatively kitschy. For some reason every pair was lime green, and as I looked across at a row of my friends all wearing oversized lime green glasses, I knew how Elton John must feel when he looks into one of those dressing table mirrors that gives you infinite reflections of yourself.

As for the movie itself... meh. The 3D is amusing but it adds exactly nothing to the storyline or the animation. It wasn't filmed with 3D in mind so the animation doesn't exploit its benefits. In fact in some ways the movie suffers, since 3D isn't as crisp as a good 2D print, and this sort of animation does crispness very well.

Then again, the Disney Corporation had to pull some sort of gimmick out of its nether regions if it was going to persuade patrons to pay $17.50 to see a thirteen year old movie that they could rent from Blockbuster for a dollar. In their position, I'd probably do the same thing.


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yay for 100 words! your "10 MORE things you'll hate about me" had me rolling on the floor the first time i read it...

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