Tuesday, November 14, 2006


You may recall that I built a new garden bed back in September and planted some vegetable seedlings.

new garden bed completed

I'm pleased to say that six weeks later, everything is growing well and starting to crop.

after six weeks

I've made a few salads with the lettuces, especially from the plants growing up at the sunnier end of the bed. I always knew they would thrive more than the plants down at the other end, which stays in shadow longer, but I didn't realise just how much difference it would make. The sunny lettuces are double the size and vigorously reaching for the sky... until I come along and rip off their outer leaves for my own selfish purposes. Mwhahahaha!

lettuce ahoy!

I've also had a couple of tomatoes. Not from the tomato plants in the vegetable garden, but from an unplanned one that germinated from a seed in some compost. It's come up in the front yard and entwined itself around my native Kangaroo Paws. The fruits aren't large but they taste and smell great.

second tomato

There are also tiny cucumbers, capsicums, and lemons forming on their respective plants. Hooray for nature! Hooray for me! And hooray for my ability to feast upon inferior beings!


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My dad would love you. The garden looks delicious.

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