Monday, November 20, 2006


I love my Sunday morning breakfast ritual of poached eggs, orange juice and a double-shot flat white, even if it does tend to make me late for church. As spring evolves into summer, I'm having it out in the garden, sitting on a battered bentwood chair at my worn old jarrah table, listening to jazz and birdsong, enjoying the greenery and flowers.

breakfast idyll 1

breakfast idyll 2

Usually I just have the weekend paper, replete with faux-sophisticated journalistic froth. This time I decided to splash out on something with genuine sophisticated journalistic froth.


Blogger Emma said...

That looks damn fine. Shame horses don't like poached eggs or I'd go and whip up some of that gear right now, if I could only pick up the frying pan with my hoof. Yes, it's true, your blog is being stalked at this moment by a young horse. You just got me going with that hunky emo colt from flickr, what can I say, so shoot me. No don't, actually.

12:30 AM  

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