Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Over the weekend I bought some paintings from a friend of a friend. I'd seen her work on display at a local cafe, and I'd liked what I'd seen, so I was invited to her house to buy them and at the same time see a wider sample of her output.

Vanessa's work is very striking, filled with rich colour and delicate detail. The pomegranate series is not particularly representative of her style, which runs more to large portraits and symbolic landscapes, with aspects of the stories she wants to tell woven into delicate patterns. I appreciate the fact that she wants to tell stories, making her art a method of communication rather than just pieces of decoration. Nobody needs another meaningless picture of a sailboat on a bay or a quaint cottage at sunset.

pomegranate trio

Three Pomegranates. The artist told me that in her work red often represents feminine tumult. I can only assume that these pomegranates crossed her somehow. Damn their evil and delicious seed-stuffed hearts!

I only intended to get two of them, but when I saw them all together, I couldn't choose between them, so I had to buy three. I figured that I'd only be wracked with second thoughts if I didn't, and the extra cost will be forgotten within a few weeks. I felt like quite the decadent swell: "Oh, I can't decide, so I shall take them all. And I'll buy the couch and your dog too, for they please me."

pomegranate half

pomegranate with twig

Pomegranate with Twig, and Split Pomegranate with Blue Line. Of course since I own them, I can give them any name I darn well like. I shall call this a diptych, and rename it 'The Correction of Identity, Number IV'. That'll confuse people no end. Mwhahahahaha!

Unfortunately, whenever I buy a new painting it necessitates many hours of hauling my other paintings off the walls and rearranging them, so that both the newcomers and the oldtimers hang to their best advantage. The long wall in my living room, which used to display a trio of large, monochromatic works, now features twice as many items in a mixture of monochomes, bright blues and bright reds. The bolts of colour liven the room, so it's all good.

living room long wall july 2006


Blogger Chris Walker said...

The agent's commission is eagerly anticipated. I'll email you my bank details ;).

10:24 PM  
Anonymous finnegan said...

I like the blue dog that looks suspiciously like Bart Simpson's Santa's Little Helper. That's a lot of possession for one dog.

12:42 AM  

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