Thursday, April 21, 2022

Moments (Part 1)

You know you’re in Melbourne when the bogans in hi-viz at the next table in a dive bar are talking knowledgeably about emotional intelligence. In Perth, that’s just a sign of being a paedophile or something.


Of all of the Arabic fashion shops along Sydney Road, none are called Gaudy Fatima’s House of Glitter and Sequins. This must be an oversight. The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that there is a surprising number of very conflicted Muslim drag queens in Brunswick who need local couture.


Several Brunswick buildings have self-congratulatory signs stating that the building is situated on Wurundjeri land and expressing gratitude for it. Not to the extent of giving the land back, or even cutting the few remaining Wurundjeri people a good deal on the rent, but… you know. It’s virtue signaling at its most literal.


Interestingly in more than one place I noticed that these signs are barely a foot off the ground. Presumably so that Alastair and Charlotte’s $7000 basenji puppy can read it and feel good about himself. Or herself. Or xerself; the puppy hasn’t yet communicated a gender identity to them via their companion animal therapist.



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