Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I received further proof today that I am an idiot. I didn’t need further proof, but the universe is bountiful and can afford to shower me in proof enough to far exceed my humble needs.

My scooter is a nexus for all my idiot vibes. First of all, I made it a hundred metres down the road this morning before I realised I’d forgotten my helmet. I had a feeling I’d forgotten something, and gosh darnit, why was my head so cold?


Then when I was leaving work this evening, I patted down my suit pockets, as is my habit, to make sure I had my wallet and my iPod and my keys… aw crap. It only took me a moment to realise where they probably were. I went downstairs and sure enough, there they were, in the scooter’s seat lock, just where I’d left them nine hours earlier.

Frankly, with that sort of track record, I’m surprised I made it home alive.


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