Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Melbourne is always a good place to sample the latest food fads, whether it be cold drip coffee, freekah or precariously balancing components of a meal on top of each other so that eating it becomes the culinary equivalent of Jenga. From what I’ve seen, one of the most incongruously on-trend foodstuffs at the moment is red meat. Long considered the domain of unenlightened bogans, red meat has been excitingly rebranded as the logical accessory to all of those lumberjack flannel shirts and luxuriant beards. Richmond fairly pulses with the blood of artisanally slaughtered mammals, who are no doubt hand reared on organic kale and charcoal-filtered water before being adoringly killed and worshipfully dismembered and sold in sleek stores with blunt names like Meat or Carnivore.

At this rate, I’d put money on heritage gluten being the next big thing. Bad news for the celiacs, but good news for the rest of us.

In other foodie news, I just saw a poster in a shop window for quinoa vodka. Because this is Richmond, and of course I did.


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