Friday, May 25, 2012


At the hospital where I work there is a multi-year, multi-billion dollar construction project that involves tearing up all of the carparks and replacing them with enormous eight and nine storey buildings. Unfortunately this means that there has been a drastic reduction in available parking spaces as well as a drastic increase in people who need them.

The hospital has been dealing with the intractable problem of too few spaces for too many cars the same way that all large, empowered, misanthropic bureaucracies deal with intractable problems: with propaganda. Propaganda so barefaced and reality-dodging that it would make Josef Stalin blush. It sees the bright side, and only the bright side, of every new failure in parking provision. It's all silver lining, all the time!

Take this latest outrage:

Apparently Jennifer is getting on so well with Tara, James and Michelle because they are bonding over the shared misery of having to carpool. The pain of the extra time, expense and inconvenience of having to collect each other from their respective homes, and the inflexibility of their time of departure from work, has forced them closer together. Much like the intense camaraderie of the trenches in World War One, only with more Honda Civics.

Other posters in this series include "Why is Sharon looking so fresh and rosy-cheeked these days? It must be the painful burn of the freezing winter air as she cycles 20kms to work each morning... and evening!" and "Why does Lucky Joe get to spend the day in bed? Just because he caught a cold while trudging through the rain between buses!"


Anonymous Troy G said...

Sounds like you've just started to work for the government: such posters generate sarcasm. Once you've been there over six months, you just snuffle, *Hmph*, and walk on.

12:47 PM  
Blogger TimT said...

Viz Comics has an occasional series called 'Up the Ark Corner'. That pic up there would be a good submission.

4:06 PM  

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