Sunday, April 29, 2012


While out shopping yesterday I bought a packet of little Lego rip-offs from Japan called Nanoblocks. They're like Lego, only tinier and cuter!

But although they're adorable, in a "look at this little thing!" sort of way, they're actually not as fun as Lego. The miniscule scale makes handling them difficult, unless you have the fingers of a Japanese schoolgirl.

And if you drop a piece into the carpet, you have absolutely zero chance of finding it again. It'll just be a tiny chik noise as it gets sucked up by the vacuum cleaner weeks later.

So it makes a cool model, but it's too fiddly to play with, so this will be the last set I buy. However there may still be the occasional use for it.


Blogger britt said...

I recently bought the bird nanoblock set. It was a fiddly bastard but I felt proud of myself when it was finished. It sat on a coffee table for half a day, then my cat knocked it off and it shattered on the floor. Devastating.

11:06 PM  

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