Thursday, May 12, 2011

Later (Addendum)

The leg I’m on is the longest of the three, a thirteen hour marathon of flight. I've watched ‘I Am Number Four’. And ‘Tron Legacy’. Then ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’, then ‘The Social Network’. And there's still two hours left of this flight. Because it's locally just after 3am the interior of the plane is dark, which limits what it's considerate to do. Sure, I could switch on my little spotlight and read, but the light leakage would disturb everyone for a seat in every direction. Even typing on my netbook or watching yet another movie makes my seat light up. It'd annoy the hell out of me if one of my neighbours was doing it.

Still... more than two hours to go. I can't face another movie. I've exhausted the amusement value of every game on my iPod. I can't sleep. I tried my best, but even after slipping myself a mickey (codeine, you complete me) I only managed to nod off for an hour and a half. I dozed for maybe an hour sans pharmaceuticals, but I just can't sleep sitting up, in a confined space, with the heaters turned up too high.

Ironically the Dutch, coming from a comparatively chilly country, keep their plane too warm while the Malaysians, from the tropics, kept theirs too cold. It seems to be part of the human condition to overcompensate, at least when it comes to airconditioning.

Seriousy, air lines, you can fly me across the planet for less than $50 an hour with video on demand and gin on somewhat less demand, but you can't work climate control airconditioning? You have giant heat sources if it's too cold (the engines), and a giant cold source if it's too hot (the air outside, currently around -58C). It shouldn't be that hard.

Just under two hours to go...


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