Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Over the weekend I completed the fourth and for the time being final stage of my garden redesign. I took the 200 or so brick pavers that used to be where the deck and the gravel court are now, and shifted them outside the garden wall. I arranged them in a circular pattern around the street tree, which is very impractical but looks sort of cool.

I could have placed them in rows along the entire length of the verge, which would have provided one or two extra places for visitors to park their cars. But instead I put them around the tree, which is growing in exactly the right place to make parking a car there impossible, unless the car is a BMW Isetta or a Subaru 360, and sadly I don't know many people who drive them. Note to self: befriend more garden gnomes with drivers' licenses.

So, with the deck and the gravel court completed, the Giant Red Robot installed, the paving done and the new plants planted, I am ready to properly enjoy Spring.


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