Wednesday, December 12, 2007


"Why don't you give your spirit of adventure a chance - try the 1968 rulebreaker" suggests this advertisement for the Renault 10.

Presumably one's "spirit of adventure" wasn't interested in acceleration or speed, given that its tiny 1100cc engine gave it the raging torque of a runaway shopping trolley. Perhaps one's spirit of adventure was supposed to be sated by the 1968 Renault's thrilling lack of safety equipment - it offered the same whiplash protection as the average barstool, had fewer crumple zones than Uluru, and boasted a narrow metal steering wheel that would cut through a driver like a hot couteau through brie at the first fender bender.

A better slogan might have been; "The 1968 Renault - because every ride could be your last!"


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