Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The previous post has earned this remarkably relevant comment from a pleasant fellow named Domenico:

hi my name is domenico
your blog is very beautiful
this is my blog
please visit it
seen you soon

I am not made of stone. I can resist a certain amount of flattery, but since Dominico declared my blog to be not just beautiful, but very beautiful... well, how could I help but respond?

And aren't I glad I did! Following the link threw me head-first into The Skans Experience.

What is The Skans Experience, I hear you ask? Let me just say that it is an experience like none other. Witness forthwith a sample of this online phenomenon:

Do you succeed to see that it is around you? do you succeed that it is out of your window? and that it is in your city? region? nation? do you succeed that it happens in the world ?...
what means "i do not want nothing from you"? i am not a beggar! i am only the voice of your conscience

So poetic. So insightful. So... The Skans Experience. Do I indeed succeed to see what "it" is around me? Do I even possess the conceptual framework to comprehend "it", assuming that I actually succeed in seeing it? The mind boggles.

Also there is a picture of a Fiat Bambino.

From now on, whenever I see something that vigorously challenges my limited, bourgeois notions of "clarity", "logical progression" and/or "reader interest", I am going to declare, "Ah, yes, another example of The Skans Experience".

This is going to revolutionise my life. Thank you, Domenico, for finally giving me a name for it.


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