Wednesday, February 02, 2005


We Christians are not terrorists. Few people harbour concerns that, while traveling on a bus, the Baptist next to them might suddenly scream, "There is no God but Jehovah!" and explode. Nor do they fear kidnappings and beheadings by Presbyterian death squads, unless they are Philip Adams, and they've just smoked some bad crack.

But neither are we entirely impotent when it comes to dealing with antagonistic powers. Indeed, some of us are busily undermining the structure of oppressive regimes, like veritable little Termites For Jesus. Witness the mad skillz of the North Korean church, as outlined in The Times.

And since this is my first attempt to link to anything, please forgive me if it totally fails.


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I stumbled upon your blog purely by accident, but it made me laugh as well as think. Good on ya', mate! Or something like that. :) I'll be back.

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