Monday, December 13, 2004


On Saturday night my church held their so-called 'Carol Service'. I maintain that you need to sing more than five carols to make it a carol service. Christmas service, fine. Carol service, no. And since I was MCing this little affair, I could call it whatever I darn well liked. I HAD THE POWER! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So I called it our Christmas service. I thought of calling it the Cavalcade of Little Kids Singing Like Flayed Piglets, but the truth tends to hurt, and it is the season for kindness and generosity after all.

I had my comeuppance over supper:

Me: You know, I haven't eaten a single vegetable all day.
JC: You told me you had a slice of mango at breakfast.
Me: Duh, mango is a fruit. I said vegetables.
(Picks up spring roll and bites into it. Looks down and sees carrots inside)
JC: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.



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