Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I met CW for coffee after work last night, and I ended up joining him at the West Australian Society of Editors end of year dinner at C Blue in Cottesloe. As he had earlier predicted, my presence lowered the average age by a good ten years, but they were a lively bunch of oldsters and the time seemed to fly by.

I wish I were still there now. That's largely because the Hospital staff are having a Christmas party in the park outside my window, and I've been getting bad 80s versions of mediocre Christmas songs blasting in for the last couple of hours. I've just announced my intention to go postal to the rest of the staff, so if they don't get out of the way or start cowering under their desks, they only have themselves to blame.

I wonder what the Christmas version of going postal is? Going festive? That sounds like you're a middle aged American woman stapling holly onto everything in the house that doesn't move. Going yuleal? Too many vowels, not enough hard phonemes. Blitzenkreig? That has possibilities.

Bloody hell, now they're playing Christmas hip-hop! And did they really just sing a line containing the word 'muthafukka' in a Christmas song?


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