Tuesday, December 07, 2004


This is my first blog post. I've always said that the blogosphere doesn't need another punter banging away about trivialities, but today it just suddenly seems to be the right thing to do. I am a creature of whim.

Also my blog will have the following rewards:

1. It can be an impromptu testing of the Six Degrees of Separation. Since I don't intend to use my name, or the names of my friends, co-workers or sundry hangers-on, or tell anyone I know that I've started blogging, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for all this to get back to me, and, undoubtedly, bite me on the arse.

2. I can help to offset all those blogs written by little Asian girls who hurl pink sparkles, pictures of twee cartoon characters, midi-files, dialogue boxes, animated gifs and SMS-speak at your screen if you be unfortunate enough to encounter them.

3. I can post naked pictures of myself, along with a wish list, and when people buy me things I can agree to put my clothes back on.

So enjoy your ride on the blandwagon, and remember what we always say; if you can't be good, be bland!


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