Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I spent part of last Thursday in my office taking photographs of the teddy bear I bought my two-month old nephew for Christmas. I thought it would be cute to tell him (when he's old enough to understand, but still be gullible enough to believe me) that I met the bear when he was working in my office. I guess the story will go that one day I was chatting with the bear, and he said he was sick of working on osteoclast regeneration research, and I told him that I knew a little boy who would love a teddy bear, and one thing lead to another and that’s how he ended up with my nephew.

To back up this story, we took some photos of the bear hard at work, sending emails, answering the phone, using the photocopier, having a meeting, working in the lab with a microscope and a centrifuge, and so on. A few points to note:

1) There's something irresistible about a large teddy bear seated at a desk, hunched over a keyboard, staring intently at a computer screen.

2) Commercial photocopiers were never designed to be used by people 2 feet tall, be they teddy bears, dwarves or possessed ventriloquist dummies.

3) Judging by the photos, he appears to be a lot more diligent than me. It's a good thing he left or he might have edged me out of my job. The little bastard.


Blogger Jay said...

That is a strange thing to tell a kid, but then, kids will believe strange things, won't they? When I was little I believed that the city employed small but smart babies to sit inside traffic lights to change them from red to green...after all, only babies could fit inside them!

8:03 PM  
Blogger MooCow said...

Awesome idea.

A couple of my friends had these huge muppet stuffed animal thingies, and they took a series of photographs of bert and ernie and kermit taking a trip to the beach. No humans appear in any of the photographs. The pictures are a bit odd yet so interesting at the same time.

And way more fun than just saying "I bought you a bear."

10:16 PM  

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