Saturday, April 23, 2022


Melbourne has an intrinsic, almost subliminal gardening culture. It’s rare to see a house with a front garden that isn’t well-maintained and thought-out. Even in those cases where the owners clearly don’t care, the resulting jungle of overgrown plants gives an impression of romantic neglect. 

In Perth, of course, neglecting your garden for more than a day results in a sun-scorched expanse of dead weeds and sand, which helps explain why so many people just give up and pave the entire area. If a hardy succulent or a straggly, faded geranium manages to cling to life despite the lack of water or shade, it simply underlines the devastation around it. And hey, it’s extra space to park your cars, which you need, because the public transport is just awful.

But back to Melbourne, where plants are everywhere, even in the inner urban spaces, filling street planters and the windows of almost every business, whether they be dive bars, barbers or tax accountants.


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