Tuesday, March 29, 2016


In the second week of my Melbourne visit I've moved slightly closer to the city centre, into an Airbnb place in Richmond, the epicentre of Melburnian cool.

My home in Richmond is a tiny one bedroom apartment. It has everything the normal person needs – queen sized bed, washing machine, dishwasher – but it’s all squeezed into a space about 10% too small for it. It’s a good thing I recently lost a few kilos, because otherwise it might be a bit tight getting to said washing machine. Or, indeed, the toilet.

But despite the fact that the whole apartment is smaller than my carport at home, it’s well-sited, being on a back street near the intersection of two of Richmond’s major roads. It is, therefore, very easy for me to wander out my door and five minutes later be drinking an awesome coffee, buying a vintage shirt, or getting my beard trimmed by a heavily tattooed hipster. Possibly all three at the same time.


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