Friday, September 20, 2013


While walking through Northbridge recently, I glanced up and saw this billboard:


It seemed like a rational call to action - Stop the Bogans! Although I wasn't quite sure what the bogans were planning that so upset Northbridge's resident hipsters. An HSV dealership in the Cultural Centre? Street theatre based on the wacky comedy stylings of various commercial radio Breakfast Bunches? A bronze statue of Mark "Chopper" Read in Russell Square? Chico Rolls being sold at Bivouac? Or was the mere sight of ugg boots outside La Cholita and Ezra Pound simply too horrible to contemplate?

But then as I walked further the whole billboard appeared:

Oh. How... ordinary. And probably pasted up there by irony-deficient people with "No blood for oil!" and "Coexist" bumperstickers on their 1995 Hyundai Excels.

Let's face it, when it come to stopping slogans or bogans, we all know which is the more pressing imperative.