Monday, March 25, 2013


AndressFest'13 has been and gone, leaving many empty liquor bottles, throbbing hangovers and confused memories of Ursula attempting to act. But it was an AndressFest, after all, so feelings of nausea and malaise are only to be expected.

As usual, the snacks were a celebration of Ursula's ability to give life to dialogue and project a deep evocation of character.

Astonishingly enough, this year's movies were actually not all that bad. Not masterpieces of course, by even the most relaxed standards, but certainly better than previous efforts like 'Tigers in Lipstick' and 'The Loves and Times of Scaramouche'. And accordingly, this year's cocktail was, in my opinion, better than usual. Following in the tradition of the Golden Ursula, the Creamy Ursula, the Dirty Ursula, the Cheeky Ursula, the Spicy Ursula and the Sultry Ursula, I created... the Perfect Ursula.

The Perfect Ursula

1 part American Honey (or similar)

1 part peach schnapps

2 parts vodka

4 parts soda water

Fill a collins glass with ice. Mix first three ingredients, then add to glass. Top up with soda water, then add sections of orange and blueberries on a short skewer.

The Perfect Ursula was named in honour of not only Ursula's general perfection in the fields of bedroom eyes and nudity, but also our first movie for AndressFest'13: 1970's 'Perfect Friday'. Sigh... if only it had been anywhere near as perfect as the woman herself.


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