Friday, December 07, 2012


It’s the 8th birthday of Get on the Blandwagon!, and yes, I acknowledge that it’s a poor shadow of its former self. Nowadays it’s little more than a repository for Serendipity Dinner recipes and AndressFest reviews, leavened with the occasional burst of snark about Bunbury or local real estate agents.

At this point I guess a normal person would formally close the blog, but I am neither that organised nor that cold-hearted. Despite appearances I am fond of my blog, and it serves a purpose even if the post rate has sunk to once or twice a fortnight.

And let’s face it, if I didn’t have it I’d probably be forced to keep people updated via Facebook or Twitter. Ugh.

According to the Get On The Blandwagon! Modern Blogiversary Gifts List, the traditional present for the 8th blogiversary is Louis Vuitton knockoffs. Given that I blog more than usual when I’m traveling, perhaps this is a sign to everyone that I should receive a new set of luggage. Specifically, Louis Vuitton luggage with dodgy wheels, zips that break after a week, and Vuitton spelled with two ‘n’s. And an umlaut.


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