Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A few weeks ago I noticed that my Evil Monkeys lightbox was looking a bit faded, which is not surprising since it's just a photo printed on standard photographic paper with a bright flourescent light shining through it, and I've had it for around five years.

So I've been casting about for a new image to put in the lightbox. It occured to me that the poster of Johnny Cash I've had on my bedroom door for over a decade, which was torn and getting discoloured, could be scanned, cleaned up and given a new lease on life. So I took it into the office to do a high-resolution scan, got a friend with photoshopping skills to erase the tear, the fold lines and blu-tak discolouration, and paid the company that printed the Evil Monkeys to print the refreshed image.

However, when I opened the lightbox to remove the Evil Monkeys, I discovered that what I'd assumed was fading was in fact just a yellowing of the clear plastic cover. Underneath that, the actual photo was as clear and vivid as the day it was printed.

Dang it!

Oh well. I was ready for a change anyway. I swapped the yellowing cover with the one at the back, which was fine, and replaced the Evil Monkeys with the Angry Johnny. The lightbox is now looking crisp, sharp and ready to kick your ass.


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