Monday, May 23, 2011


Any design junkie visiting Copenhagen has to pay homage to the masters the craft by visiting the Kunstindustrimuseet, or, in English, the Danish Museum of Art and Design.

I’ve visited several museums on this trip, but the Kunstindustrimuseet was the first that grabbed me tight and made me want to linger. It’s arranged chronologically, beginning in the present then wending its way back through the centuries. Each era and design movement is evoked using spectacular examples of the style, whether it be a magnificent Art Nouveau cabinet or a sleek Bauhaus chair.

You may be thinking, “Oh, wow, a cupboard and a chair and a tapestry of mermaids feeding lemons to orcas. The fun never stops for Blanders, does it.” If so, you clearly don’t comprehend the beauty in the collision of engineering, physics and art that enabled these designs. It’s all about people seeing the creative possibilities of new technology, whether it be fibreglass, plywood or plastic.

Also you're an arseclown.

Of course no museum of Danish design would be complete without featuring the greatest use for plastic ever:

In fact I was so entranced that I didn’t even think to take photos of the Admiral. At least not until we hit the pub afterwards.


Blogger Carol McGrath said...

I loved the tapestry and found this looking for mermaids for a novel. Now I want to visit this design centre.

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