Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Going through a design site yesterday, I came across this picture of the front door on a house in Texas.

It's welcoming to be sure, but something about it seemed a little twee for Albert Camus. He was, after all, the most nihilistic and moody Frenchman ever to glower over an ashy Gauloise. So I did a little research and eventually came up with the original quote:

"I knew a pure heart who rejected mistrust. He was a pacifist and libertarian and loved all humanity and the animals with an equal love. An exceptional soul, that's certain. Well, during the last wars of religion in Europe he had retired to the country. He had written on his threshhold, "Wherever you are from, come in and be welcome." Who do you think answered that noble invitiation? The militia, who made themselves at home and disembowled him."

This bodes rather badly for the homeowner and her family. However the house is apparently on the market, so hopefully a) the militia won't come until after the sale closes and b) it will be bought by Adam Sandler.


Blogger Style Seduction said...

Very interesting... I think people will find that with alot of quotes, the pre-text sometimes changes the meaning...

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