Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm taking a week off work to do some relaxing and catch up on some of the mundane errands of life – getting my suit drycleaned, getting some repairs done on the scooter, having drinks with friends, and all of the other things that I could do during a normal week if I were motivated, organised and slightly less lazy.

I have two things I want to do each day: write a blog post and visit a new cafe. We'll see how that plan pans out. I'll either enjoy the brilliance of success, or the shame of failure as I spend my days snoozing on the couch and watching bad DVDs.


Blogger TimT said...

'The shame of failure' is a moot point indeed. What happens if you not only fail, but you fail at being ashamed of your failure? Will you be ashamed at your failure to be ashamed? Or will you succeed in your failure to be ashamed at your failure to be ashamed?

Succeeding in failing at failure would be a plus, anyway.

8:06 PM  

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