Friday, May 08, 2009


This morning on my way to work, as I battled the heavy traffic around Curtin University, I noticed a car that at first glance seemed quite cool: a low, sleek, white Eunos with brilliantly polished mag wheels and a deep engine note.

Another well-heeled Asian student, I figured, since they abound in this area and have a thing for slick Japanese cars. However as the car slid past me in the next lane I noticed that the driver was a caucasian man a few years older than me, with smart executive-style hair.

A business man with a taste for interesting cars, I figured. Then the traffic jammed and I ended up next to him. All four windows of the Eunos were wound all the way down, and music was pouring, at biblically loud volume and with exceptional clarity, out of the vehicle.

He was listening to Kenny G.

It's sad, really - he'd spent a lot of money on his luxury car and executive hair. And yet all of the cachet that this gave, and more besides, was completely undone by the fact that he was playing music that would have deafened everyone within earshot, if it hadn't been as smooth and lifeless as a dead eel.

I escaped as quickly as the traffic would allow, before I was forced to start beating my head against the steering wheel in frustration. Later on the freeway I rinsed any residual Kenny out of my ears with some Animal Collective. Not as loud, but much cooler.

Just remember, kids: with a great stereo comes great responsibility.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably his kid's car. When I borrow my sons' cars the first thing I have to do is change the channel or the CD to much less cool music. Jaymez

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