Saturday, August 27, 2016


After breakfast this morning Putaloco and I ran down to Revolver for a final iced coffee and a healthy slab of cake, which he demolished with all of the gusto for which his profession is famous.

Bali very kindly held its tropical weather at bay for the week of my visit, but by today, the final day, it just couldn’t contain itself any longer. There was about three minutes of rain mid-morning, but other than that it was just sunny and humid. So humid, in fact, that I became physically ill. Thankfully the final stop on my foodie tour of Bali was Batik, a place of lush colonial interiors and icy cold airconditioning, where we stopped for lunch.

I broke with the Asian Fusion trend of my last few meals and had a steak, with salad and a frozen passionfruit daiquiri. The steak was a tiny bit tough, but beautifully marinated. My travel buddy had a superlative seafood risotto and a frozen raspberry daiquiri. Even between the airconditioning and the frozen cocktails, it still took nearly an hour to rid my body of excess heat. Note to self: keep traveling to Bali solely in the dry season.

We caught a taxi to the airport three hours before the flight was scheduled to depart, but between the heavy traffic, the innumerable queues, and the need to divest ourselves of excess rupiah by buying overpriced coffees and Toblerones, there was no actual sitting around and waiting.

I was lucky on the flight to Bali with my seat, but luck does not strike twice with Jetstar. There was no exit row this time, just me shoe-horned into a window seat in the second last row of the plane, with access to the aisle blocked by a large Maori who slumped into a boozy stupor before the plane had even lifted off. As such, I had to stay in my seat for the whole three and a half hour flight, combating deep vein thrombosis only by twisting around and kneeling in my seat, facing the rear bulkhead over the flight attendant who was sleeping in the last row seats. It was surprisingly comfy... but maybe that's just in comparison to sitting in the normal direction on a Jetstar seat.

I was over everything travel-related by the time we landed at Perth Airport, but there remained a single thing to do in my Foodie Holiday: I hit the Duty Free shop hard, netting Patron tequila, Tanqueray 10 gin, and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire East. Along with my memories, my photos of Putaloco, my bootleg DVDs and my fattened waistline, they will be my souvenirs of a marvelous week in Bali.


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