Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Somebody handed me a slightly worn USB flash drive at work today, so that I could transfer his power point presentation onto my computer. It had evidently been a promotional gift from Johnson & Johnson, and it had a 64Mb capacity.

I almost laughed at him. 64Mb? Can you actually fit a power point presentation onto something that small? I recently bought a 2Gb flash drive for six dollars. At that rate, this one was worth less than 19 cents. Way to impress, Johnson & Johnson!

Of course it was a couple of years old, and it took me a little while to remember that it was only nine years ago that no one had a flash drive of any size. Indeed, ten years ago I still had a film camera, a cassette Walkman and a CompuServe account. I am in no position to mock to technological obsolescence of others.


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