Friday, May 11, 2007


Today I hit Brunswick Street again, pawing through the racks in the vintage clothing stores for some new gear. Earlier I tried going to the outlet stores on Bridge Road in Richmond, where all of Melbourne goes for cut-price new clothes, but frankly the latest men's fashions have reached a new nadir. These days the look is basically T-shirts, jeans, hair gel and muscles, and I have neither the hair nor the body to carry this off. In these boutiques, their idea of "range" is to offer the same badly-made T-shirt in seventeen different colours.

But in the vintage stores I found a 60s polyester shirt, a 50s plaid overshirt, a lived-in black leather jacket, a 70s cowboy shirt and a T-shirt with a graphic of a smoking monkey DJ. I don't look good in T-shirts, but I'll do anything for a smoking monkey DJ.


Anonymous Darren said...

*puff, puff*
Oo, oo oo oo; screech, screech, Gahgahgahgah!
*puff, puff*
*puff, puff*
[electric caterwauling]
*puff, puff*
*bare teeth*
*fling excrement*
SmokingMonkeyDJ want a Long Island Iced Tea and all your MST3K DVDs.
*puff, puff*

12:45 PM  
Blogger Iris Flavia said...

Follow that street and if you do some swimming, too, you might pop up in my town after a (longer) while ;-)

2:46 AM  

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