Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I spent the bulk of today on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, hangin' with the cool kids and artistic types, where the phrase "Actually, I voted for John Howard" has never been uttered, even in jest.

Everybody here is just so. Exactly the right Doc Martens, exactly the right vintage hats, exactly the right tattoos in exactly the right places. I am not just so. I try, but frankly I have no idea how one even becomes just so. Perhaps it happens when you start thinking that voting for the Greens might be a good idea.

But one of the beauties of growing older is that your care for such things starts to ebb. I marched around Fitzroy in my slightly wrong leather jacket and slightly wrong corduroys and slightly wrong sneakers, diving in and out of record stores and second-hand clothing stores and bookshops and art galleries, feeling comfortable and contented. No doubt I significantly lowered property values for a few hours.

I bought some CDs, a couple of books and a dog. Every holiday needs a mascot, so I picked up this little fellow to watch over my stuff.


He's meant to be a chopstick rest, so of course, he's been named Choppy.

I also spent $200 on butterflies, but more about that later.


Anonymous Darren said...

Rudyard Kipling has many stories about how to be 'just so', but that is probably 'just so' for early 20th century India rather than for Melbourne.

The additional problem with being 'just so' for Melbourne is that you need to have five 'just so' outfits per day, depending on the time of day, the changing weather and the nature of your excursion.

This is probably the explanation for the water crisis: to keep a stock of 'just so' sartoria ready for any given occasion, Melbournites do a lot of laundry.

12:36 PM  

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