Thursday, April 19, 2007


I’ve been feeling down lately. It’s not unexpected – my disposition tends to swing like a monkey hanging from a tram strap on a particularly hilly route – but it’s always unwelcome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve just been coming home from work, stuffing my face with whatever food comes to hand, then vegetating in front of the TV till bedtime.

However, a few things happened today that have momentarily brightened my mood.

1. I bought six new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 over the internet, and, thanks to the Australian dollar being at a 13 year high against the American dollar, they cost me 5% less than they would have last week.

2. For the first time in a while I got on my exercise bike this evening and cycled for half an hour (and around 13km), listening to random songs on my Shuffle as I did so. It felt good. When I got off I felt so refreshed that I did a little grooving dance around my bedroom to Regurgitator’s ‘Feels Alright’. I dance like a marionette that got stuck halfway into the transformation into a Real Boy, so the fact that I did it anyway is a clear sign of how good I felt.

3. I drove up to the supermarket tonight to get my weekly groceries. I parked, opened my door, put my foot out and stepped on a piece of scrap paper that looked momentarily like a $50 bill. Then it continued to look like a $50 bill, since that’s what it was. I picked it up and looked around, but there was nobody in the vicinity. It must have belonged to whoever parked their car in the space before me.

I feel really bad for whoever lost it… but in the words of Grandpa Simpson, frankly, I can see an up side! It more than pays for my new MST3Ks, with enough left over for a coffee of skin-shivering, bone-rattling, cancer-causing dimensions at Exomod.


Blogger an9ie said...

Don't be down, Blanders! Think about how much joy and secretive office laugh-snorting you bring to the world with you sardonic humour and off-the-wall movie reviews.

Love finding money. I found $10 on the floor on Christmas Eve in Myer once. Everyone was just ignoring it, and I briefly thought, Hmm, maybe it's one of those Candid Camera things but then swooped in and got it anyway. Awesome.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous be.bart said...

When you're down, there's nothing worse than people pretending to understand you and wanting to cheer you up.

So don't feel down, things will be better! The futur's bright! Think about the amount of toxic elements in your body that would otherwise pollute nature! I know there must be other positive things to say about you!?!? Think about the cute little squirrel that you saved when you were 8 years old! You know, the one that had rabbies and that was ultimately responsible for killing 48% of the population of your hometown?

Boy, I hope your computer is standing in a room on ground level. Please tell me when I'm crossing a line here. I feel a bit bad about what I did to that Corean kid in the States.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Darren said...

Excellent - more MiST3K fun to be had.

I am however concerned about the outbreak of dancing. This is not the Blanders that I've come to know and maintain a more or less disinterested social connection with. Considering that it was Regurgitator and presuming that "grooving" included some form of headbanging behaviour, I am preprared to let it slide. Perhaps it was under the influence of a Golden Ursula?

12:07 PM  

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