Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Newsflash! Poverty causes good parenting!

THE new Harry Potter movie opens this week and millions of Australian children will be excited to go.

Others, such as six-year-old Ben-John Holmes, and his eight-year-old brother, Daniel, who are really big fans of the boy wizard, will have to sit at home because their mum can't afford a ticket.

The new Harry Potter movie is rated M. If poverty forces single mums* to refrain from taking their 6 year olds to M rated movies, then I say hooray for poverty!

*'Single mums' are different to single mothers or mothers who are single. The proper pronunciation is to adopt a broad, nasal, Kath 'n' Kim Australian accent, with a rising intonation at the end of each clause, as in, "Oim a single mum? an' these are me kids, Jaydyn an' Shakeera?"


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