Monday, January 17, 2005


Despite it being a perfect weekend to do stuff, I spent the weekend not doing stuff. I had a couple of coffees with a couple of friends, cleaned the kitchen (including mopping the floor*), bought a couple of CDs, and broke my own personal record for Number of Babylon 5 Episodes Watched in a 24 Hour Period.

The new record is 10 episodes in just under 20 hours, which, when you count in eight hours of sleep, two breaks for meals and one for church, is pretty impressive. In a sad, geeky, pathetic way.

*thus fulfilling the ancient prophesy; "Ande there be one tyme, and one tyme onlye, whenne Blandewagonne shalle cleanse his kitchenne floor of spilte coffee, cake crumbes, bits of escaped pasta, and other encrustede unmentionables. And lo, the cleansinge will take a thousande years, and coste the bloode of a thousande brave-hearted men. Or, alternatively, twentye minutes and a dashe of Domestos."


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