Sunday, March 22, 2015


While some of you were off watching decent movies (pfft) with good acting (meh) and competent direction (whatevs), several brave and foolish followers of awful cinema were partaking in AndressFest'15, my 10th annual celebration of the greatest terrible actress the world has ever known.

This is their story. Or rather it would be, if only we could remember it. Vodka, like time, heals all wounds... except of course for the ones it causes.

This year's unique AndressFest cocktail was something of a winner. Behold the murky majesty of the Sticky Ursula!

The Sticky Ursula

10 parts caramel-infused vodka

1 part American Honey

1 part Tia Maria

To make the caramel-infused vodka, dissolve some jersey caramels in vodka for at least 48 hours, at a ratio of one caramel per 100mls. Shake all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker and serve in a martini glass, garnished with a sliced date.

To go with the Sticky Ursula, I prepared the usual range of subtly evocative snacks.

None of it was even remotely good for us. Which, frankly, echoed the content of our AndressFest'15 movies.


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