Wednesday, June 04, 2014


For the 'Better Late Than Never' edition of AndressFest, I made all of the usual Ursula-themed snacks to keep up the strength of AndressFesters who hungered for tastiness as well as terrible movies.

In addition, there was the traditional debut of the latest AndressFest cocktail. Joining the Creamy Ursula, the Sultry Ursula, the Golden Ursula, the Spicy Ursula, the Cheeky Ursula, the Perfect Ursula and the Dirty Ursula, I can now present...

The Untamed Ursula

In an ice-filled shaker, combine 30mls citron vodka, 30mls grapefruit juice, 30mls pineapple juice, a dash of orange bitters and a micro-dash of orgeat. Shake vigorously, then decant into an ice-filled collins glass. Garnish with a spiral of orange peel. Drink to the health of the woman who put the "wild" into "wildly untalented".


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