Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After a couple of comparatively subdued Serendipity Dinners, they roared back into overdrive last Friday with eleven people attending the third one. On the menu was barbecued tiger prawns with mango and ginger mayonnaise for entree, a retro 70s style pork and chorizo jambalaya for mains, and an artery-hardening baked honey and vanilla cheesecake with mulled wine sorbet for dessert.

However I made the mistake of serving Manhattans as aperitifs. While this is an exquisitely tasty cocktail, it's not the best thing to drink on an empty stomach, and as a results virtually no one drank the wine as they were all lightheaded before they even sat down at the dining table.

Ah, alcoholic pacing; my old nemesis.


Anonymous Troy G said...

It wasz a deliz- dechil- hic - dizilic- tasty fruity white... jamabalizschous - hic - ... food.

1:05 PM  

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