Friday, July 03, 2009


Our receptionist at work recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and to mark the occasion we bought a Life magazine from the week of her birth off eBay. She was delighted, if a little embarassed by the proof that she was born in the era of tailfins, President Eisenhower and magazines that cost 19c.

I borrowed the magazine after she'd had a chance to flip through it and scanned some of the advertisements. Judging from those ads, people in the late 1950s liked big cars, classy booze (including at least four varieties of gin) and planet-despoiling petrochemical products.

I really was born 50 years too late.

She remembers beer, even when you can't remember where you live. Bless 'er.

This image cracks me up. We have a slim man with a fluffy little lapdog lying in a frilly hammock, wearing what appears to be a pair of kicky capri pants. If this guy's married it probably isn't to a woman.


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