Thursday, April 19, 2007


There is something deeply wrong with the United Kingdom, and I suspect that it is only tattered remnants of that famous British stubbornness that has prevented them from slipping into Third World chaos. But even that can't keep them going too much longer. Their blend of self-righteousness, civilisational ennui and politically correct bondage is slowly strangling them.

Exhibit A: The British police, who seem to function under the illusion that unless a criminal wants to go to one of their cells, the police really can't force him. Apparently they are so exquisitely sensitive and saturated in moral equivalence that it doesn't occur to them to do something as judgemental and presumptuous as arresting chavs.

Exhibit B: The Royal Navy, which gives the impression that rum, sodomy and the lash would be a step up for most of its members. At least these things might toughen them up a bit, so that they showed just a skerrick of resistance to being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's buttmonkeys.

Exhibit C: The staff at the BBC, who have all the objective investigational skill of Teletubbies. Their coverage of the massacre at Virginia Tech has gone something like this:

"Thirty two people were killed at Virginia Tech today by a lone gunman. While this tragedy has shocked the nation, it is unlikely to result in any changes to their lax gun laws, since Americans are nasty, hateful brutes who wouldn't know civilised behaviour if it crawled up their arses and died."

Call me naive, but I think that a mere twelve hours after the actual massacre was perhaps a little early to be making pronouncements about the nature of America's long-term reaction to it... especially since at that stage they hadn't identified the shooter, or all the victims, or even connected the two crime scenes. The whole tragedy was played as an excuse to editorialise, rather than a event to be reported.

Exhibit D: Jade Goodey, who makes Anna Nicole Smith look like Grace Kelly.


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