Friday, September 23, 2005


The MST3K version of 'The Blood Waters of Dr Z' posits an interesting question, not discussed often enough in scientific circles: Would crossing a flabby scientist with a catfish result in a super being who can kill people by lightly tapping them, despite being made entirely of latex?


On the negative side we have every scientist who ever existed, including Sir Isaac Newton, The Professor from Gilligan's Island, and anyone who's ever peered into a microscope for any reason. But on the positive side, we have Dr Z. History is filled with the breakthroughs of lone geniuses, and who are we to question the brilliance of a man who has discovered a method of speaking solely in voiceovers?

If only Dr Z had lived beyond 1975 to witness how his work would be received by future generations. It just wasn't his year... but then, was it anybody's?

Top 10 Ways Of Telling That 'The Blood Waters Of Dr Z' was made in 1975

1. Flares like windsurfer sails.

2. The groovy blonde bikini babe drives a Volkswagen Beetle.

3. All of the scientists are dreadfully concerned about environmental issues, but drive around in Ford Gargantuans.

4. The sheriff calls the black guy 'boy' without spontaneously combusting through community indignation.

5. High end electronic equipment features screw-in domestic lightbulbs.

6. The sheriff drives around with the hero hanging off his running board without any thought of the legal liability issues.

7. The hero has an amphibious dune buggy, presumably on loan from Fleegle.

8. Jeans so tight you could use them as pressure casts.

9. The women are so passive that they can faint for hours at a time, or be rendered immobile by a seat belt.

10. Everybody dies in the end.


Blogger Annie said...

Did any of them have that horrible curly "afro" perm or was that 1976? The one that is so bad it makes you hate the character even if they are the innocent princess.

2:07 AM  
Blogger ~moon said...

no clue who dr. Z is, but i reckon if enough people come up with this wretched latex allergy, a being made of all latex WOULD be able to kill people just by tapping them!

12:43 PM  

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