Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Denied the opportunity to express itself in dry coughing thanks to Benadryl, my cold has suddenly and capriciously decided to switch to the medium of mucus.

Be prepared for some exciting and challenging new works including 'Quick, get a hankerchi... too late', the controversial 'Damn, that tastes nasty', the triptych 'Who do I have to kill to get some sleep around here Nos 1(am), 2(am) & 3(am)', and the ambitious centrepiece to the collection, 'Fever dream attempting to untangle the plot lines of Star Wars'.

Here's what the critics are saying:

A tour de force! - The Sydney Morning Herald

Like, ewww, gross, as if! - The New York Times

A searing indictment of John Howard's white picket fence imperialism. - The Monthly

Has anyone seen my car keys? - The Huffington Post


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