Monday, April 04, 2005


On Saturday, in the course of my usual weekend errands, I dropped in on my favorite charity store to check for some new dining chairs, vintage clothing, or any other junk to cram into my house... it's an ongoing quest. I spotted a couple of Homer Simpson tumblers in the glassware section, and while I was grabbing those to add to my collection, my eyes drifted across the other bits and pieces. They have some nice post-war liqueur glasses, I thought. Multicoloured champagne glasses... neato. Yellow glass from the 70s - heaven help us all. Those ones with the gold rims are okay, but what are those little pictures on the sides SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP THEY'RE PIRATES!!!

Do you remember that scene in The Simpsons where Homer discovers a pile of old newspapers, wire coathangers and expired medicines outside his neighbour's house? Remember the sound of delirious pleasure he made, a gibbering croon just short of hyperventilation? I made precisely the same noise. I quickly collected all five of them and shuffled over to the cashier. Within moments, they were mine.

A set of five liqueur glasses, circa 1960, with PIRATES on them! In that cool minimalist period style! Only a dollar each! What's not to love?

That night in celebration I invited a bunch of friends over for a Festival of Bad Cinema and Cutthroat Cocktails (two parts campari, four parts red grapefruit juice and one part grenadine). We clinked our glasses together and toasted with a hearty Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr.

You've got to love a good pirate.


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