Friday, July 03, 2015


Members of the Wagon family are based on both the west and east coasts of Australia, separated by four thousand kilometres of the country’s interior. However, we are a sentimental clan, and as such we’ve decided to have a family reunion. Rather than make one half of the family fly the full length of the country to come to the other half, we decided to inconvenience 100% of all Wagons and meet in the middle. In outback South Australia, which contains no native Wagons, nor indeed much of anything else.

Being an idiot, this particular Wagon is driving across with other local family members, then flying home. The flight will take three hours. The drive will take three days. To deal with this state of affairs, I will be relying on a) a bottle of gin and b) my traveling companions, Derek and Leslie.

It'll be a lengthy journey through the Outback, but hopefully we won't run out of essentials like petrol or cocktail olives.


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